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Breton specialities - not to be missed!

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Discover the flagship culinary products of the Bay of Quiberon: oysters, salmon, sardines, pancakes, salted butter caramel, Breton cakes...

During your holidays in Brittany, try out our specialities, varying from salty pleasures to sweet delights. Enjoy local flavours and products to the full to prolong this regional tasting once you return home.


The most famous salty speciality in Brittany? Seafood and fresh fish!

Ideally located for both seafood and fish, Quiberon Bay offers you a wide choice of fresh seafood produce at all times. Enjoy Breton oysters by tasting them directly at the oyster farm in the Bay of Quiberon.

A pleasure for the palate, enjoy salty flavours every day at our markets, in our fishmongers’ and, of course, at our restaurants.

La Belle iloise

The sardines from the Bay of Quiberon

Sardines have been caught for centuries in the Bay of Quiberon. The sardine has a delicate tasty flesh. It is excellent for our health as it is rich in omega-3, vitamins and trace elements. From spring to All Saints' Day, freshly caught sardines are traditionally canned by our local companies. This step is always done by hand as a certain savoir-faire is required to avoid damaging this fragile fish.


Timeless: buckwheat pancakes (galettes)

Rich in proteins and minerals, low in fat and gluten-free, buckwheat flour is a healthy product cooked today in the form of the famous buckwheat pancakes. You will appreciate it plain or with butter to start off with, then generously garnished with infinite combinations of products inspired by our pancake makers.

Here are the best places to taste local galettes and pancakes.


A must: the Breton pancake

The wheat pancake can be enjoyed at any time, as a snack for children and often at the end of a meal of pancakes. It is available with a large number of sweet toppings, not to mention the delicious caramel cream with salted butter, which is perfect as a spread.

Kouign Amann

The Kouign Amann, the culinary emblem of Brittany?

This salted butter cake is one of the most famous Breton specialities both for its original texture and taste. "Kouign Amann" literally means "butter cake"! It is even more delicious when eaten warm! You will find it in many bakeries and biscuit makers in the Bay of Quiberon.

Biscuiterie Kerjeanne Belz

To take home: Breton biscuits

Breton palet biscuits and thin cakes are prepared generously with salted butter, which gives them such a distinctive taste. Fill up on sweet delicacies in our biscuit shops to take a little bit of Brittany home with you!

Cour d'Orgères

The irresistible jams of La Cour d'Orgères

At the Cour d'Orgères, jams are always made with the best fruits on the market. The jams are prepared in a traditional way to preserve the flavours of the fruit: they are cooked in a cauldron in small quantities and during cooking, the fruit is gently stirred with a skimmer and a beechwood spoon. The Breton jams of La Cour d'Orgères are available in more than 70 varieties. The good news is that the manufacturing workshop and boutique at Quai des Saveurs in Quiberon opens its doors for gourmet visits.

Chocolate Leroux

Inimitable: salted butter caramel

In 1977, Henri Le Roux moved to Quiberon and created salted butter caramel, better known as "C.B.S" (Caramel au Beurre Salé). Its recipe, spiced with crushed nuts, hazelnuts and almonds gives it its unique texture, and will make it successful all over the world.

Many local artisans now make delicious salted butter caramels. You can enjoy them as candy but also as a cream, spread or coulis. It is also the star ingredient for garnishing pancakes and waffles!

Chocolate Leroux

Rendez-vous in Quiberon to taste the best chocolates of the Bay

Chocolate lovers will not miss the great chocolatier and caramelist Henri Le Roux in Quiberon. He has more than 80 creations to his name: chocolates topped with praline, gianduja, marzipan or ganaches with the most diverse flavours and aromas - infusions of herbs or spices, tea or coffee, alcohols or fruit essences - not to mention the famous "Caramel au Beurre Salé".
Come and discover the wonderful world of chocolate making in the workshop in Landévant!

Maison d'Armorine

The Niniches de Quiberon, awarded "Best Candy in France".

Taste the essential "Niniches" of La Maison d'Armorine. These lollipops are a speciality from Quiberon that has won the "Best Candy in France" award. They are made with cane sugar and glucose, fresh butter and Guérande salt. They are available in more than 50 flavours based on pralines or on fruit.

Local ciders and beers to quench your thirst!

Quiberon Bay is also a land of beverage producers. Enjoy our traditionally made local drinks. Meet our cider producers in their farms or at the many markets. In Saint-Pierre Quiberon, the Zéphyr brewery welcomes you. Come and discover its local beers: blond, amber, brown... there is something for everyone.

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