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Belz - The Tro-Belz
Randonnée - Belz - Le Tro-Belz - Morbihan - Bretagne-sud
Randonnée - Belz - Le Tro-Belz - Morbihan - Bretagne-sud
Place René Cassin (derrière la mairie)
56550 BELZ
Duration : 4h30
Distance : 21 km
Difficulty level: Easy
Yellow markup
Easy All year long Wet parts in winter
Hunting periods from October to February (signs)

This loop allows to discover the wealth of landscapes of Belz: trail along the Ria, undergrowth, moors. Dolmens and chapels punctuate the course.

Start: From the car park, turn right on Rue des Sports and then right on Rue du Stade. Bypass the grounds.

1 Before the subdivision, turn left to join the departmental. Cross (danger, traffic) to take opposite Kergallan Road. At the houses, turn right and continue on the path.

2 At the junction, turn left towards Magourin. In the hamlet, turn left. Continue to join the road. Cross (danger, traffic), take in front. Go to the dead end of the Pignono.

3 At the end of the impasse, turn left, rue de l'Océan, 50 m, then right the path. Go to the laundry.Take Rue du Ouerch then the path opposite. On the right, picnic area, fountain and washhouse. Take the path leading to rue des Champs. Take the road on the left for 50 m, before turning right at Kerdésir.

4 At the intersection, turn right to join Crubelz. Cross the hamlet then turn left to join the Route d'Auray.

5 Cross to the Ganquis (danger, circulation). 100 m after the cottages, turn left on Kervilaine. Turn right Ninezur Road then the coastal path left at Pont Carnac. Continue to the tip of Perche. Panoramic view, orientation table, birds to observe.

6 Turn right at the end of the beach, rue du Vieux Kerhuen. In the hamlet, stone houses (1,625), sundial, dolmens.

7 At the top of the rue du Lannion, go down to the Rue des Moulin des Oies (Dolmen below to the right). Before the stop, turn right on rue de la Fontaine. At the bottom, turn right on the coastal path to Saint-Cado. Go around the island (1 km), see the House of Nichtarguer with blue shutters.

8 Walk along the docks to Pen Perleieu Street. Orientation table (birds) Street Pen Mané Bras. Turn right on Pont Er Iaul Street.

9 Continue Rue de Poulbretion, Rue des Mouettes then Rue Marchelan.

10 Before the Lorois Bridge road, turn right, Rue Navihan. Continue along the small path under the Lorois Bridge. At the end left, see the cave of Port Niscop, oratory erected at Notre-Dame de Lourdes by the sailors for the companions who died at sea.

11 In Port Niscop, go to the end of the wharf. Go around a shipyard and take the path along the river.

12 Pointe Royanec, continue to the tip of Roquenec. Join the mouth of the river.

13 Continue the path until the Bignac Windmill and then turn left on a path along the Etang du Bignac. At the bridle continue to the right.

14 At the houses with thatched roofs, take the road immediately to the right. Cross the road (danger, traffic), go opposite.

15 Continue by the path.After the Dolmen Kerlutu, turn right behind the fire station, then left to join the Sports Street.
Place René Cassin (derrière la mairie)
56550 BELZ

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