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Erdeven - Villages Trail
Erdeven - Sentier des Villages - Randonnée - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud

Erdeven - Villages Trail

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Duration: 2h30 to 3h30
Distance: 10.5 to 15 km
Level of difficulty: Medium - All year - Possible MTB
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The western Erdeven countryside reveals a rich built and religious heritage.

Start at Saint-Märgen square, leave back to the town hall, towards Vachter Lenn street. Take it to the right. Turn left on rue Soeur Maurice then left on rue des îles.

1 Turn right towards Kerdavid (path) and right towards Kerlavart (road). Cross the D105 towards the 7 Saints. At 200 m, take the path on the left. Along the Dolmens under tumuli Seven Saints, two tombs dating from the Neolithic (7,000 to 4,500 before the present). At the crossroads, turn right towards the Chapel of the Seven Saints, restored in 1899. It has a statuary-procession of the 7 founders of the bishoprics of Brittany (1 905). At the top of the village, take the path on the right, towards the fountain and then retrace your steps.

2 At Kerihuel, get off at Pont Queno crossing, cross the D105.

3 Go to Saint-Germain, go around the village, mentioned in the eleventh century in the cartulary of Quimperlé. The current chapel bears the traces of many reshuffles between the fifteenth and twentieth century. Return to the village entrance, turn left to the fountain and turn right to Kerdavid. At the first crossing, turn right. Cross Kerbosse then a road to Kerdelam. Follow the path. At the road, turn left towards Kergavat then right. In Kergavat (road), turn right towards Kerouriec (path).

4 Cross the beach road. Go opposite (path) to the pool of Touleupry.

5 At the crossing, possibility of returning to the village by Kervazic. Otherwise, turn right up to Fougueu junction and turn left towards Lisveur. The chapel was rebuilt in 1885 on the foundations of an earlier building. The date 1 925 and the inscription "Saint Guillaume protect us" were painted on the plaster when the rosette of the western oculus was blocked after removal of a stained glass window.The building as well as the stained glass windows north were modified and restored by an association in 1993. Before the entrance of the village, turn left until the Moulin du Narbon. The windmill was built in 1980. It stopped working around 1985. It was restored by an association after the storm of 1987. In the 20th century, it produced rye flour for the inhabitants of the area, oatmeal and barley for animals.

6 Cross the beach road. 250 m turn right to Kergouët. Go to Kermovel. Get off at Kergrosse, bypass the pond, see the public fountain of rectangular plan, covered with large cut granite slabs. It is indicated on the cadastre of 1845. The fountain was restored in 2018. Then take on the left to join Loperhet.

7 Cross Loperhet (see the chapel), turn left then left again to reach Kermovel.

8 Turn right to go back on Kerivallan. Take the Ocean Trail to Erdeven, see Menhir Men Glas on the left (Neolithic).Although isolated today, he is related to the Kerzerho Alignments. Follow the steeple to find the town center.

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