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Ploëmel - Circuit Chapels and Fountains

Ploëmel - Circuit Chapels and Fountains

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Parking du Groëz-Ven (près de la salle polyvalente)
Duration : 3h30
Distance : 12 km
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The trails in the undergrowth give access to the Mané-Bogad park (lake, children's playground, picnic tables, sports trail) to the villages, chapels, fountains and small heritage of Ploëmel.

Step by step :

Departure: Take the rue du Groëz-Ven, pass the railway line on the right towards Locoal-Mendon. Turn left directly after the railway. To see in the town: the Chapel Notre-Dame de Recouvrance (16th century), flamboyant Gothic style. Placed under the title of Our Lady of Recouvrance, it is dedicated to sailors. It is a place of pilgrimage for mothers and wives of seamen without news of their absentees. Parallel to the Parish Church, the Chapel was formerly separated from the Church by the cemetery. It contains 16th and 17th century wall paintings depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ and a marine ex-voto. Open in July and August.
1- Take the road on the left, then a path on the left to the Dolmen Mané Bogad, tomb dating from the Neolithic (7000 years to 4500 years before the present). Retrace your steps and follow the path opposite to Locmiquel.
2- Turn right before the Saint-Laurent Chapel (early 16th century). In flamboyant Gothic style, the chapel is sponsored by the noble family of Talhouët de Keravéon, owner of the neighboring castle in Erdeven. It is dedicated to St. Lawrence, a young deacon martyred on the grill on August 10, 258, invoked in healing burns. It has beautiful carved doors, sculptures on the exterior cornices, statues and an ex-voto inside. Open every day. When leaving the Chapel, turn left, then 50 m further, again left into the path. Continue to the small road, take opposite to reach St. Cado.
3- The Saint-Cado Chapel was probably commissioned at the end of the 15th century by the Chohan family from Coëtcandec, lords of Kerbernès.The altar, contemporary chapel and formerly entirely painted, bears two coats of arms, one hammered with the motif of the stag, symbol of this rich family of Locmaria-Grand-Champ. The stained-glass window, whose holster forms a fleur de lys, represents the legend of Saint-Cado. Open every day. When leaving the chapel Saint Cado, go to the right.
4- At Locmiquel, turn right then left and turn left again.
5- In Keraudran, turn left then, 50 m further, on the right.
6- Turn right then left at 50 m, towards the subdivision of the Lande de Rennes.
7- Take the road on the right in the subdivision.
8- Take the path on the right that leads back to the village
Parking du Groëz-Ven (près de la salle polyvalente)


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