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Ploëmel - Circuit Tro Plenuer

Ploëmel - Circuit Tro Plenuer

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Parking du cimetière
Duration : 1h45
Distance : 7.3km
Difficulty level: Medium
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This circuit allows you to discover the town of Ploemel (Plenuer in Breton) through its paths and sunken lanes.

Step by step :

Departure: From the cemetery car park, take the small road towards Lenno. On the bend, take the path that runs alongside the railway. At the road, take it to the left then to the right.
1- Continue straight on the path that enters the woods. After 800 m, walk along the Tire-Bouchon railway line (trains in summer).
2- At the road, turn left, then in the bend, take the path on the left which continues along the railway line. Continue in the woods.
3- At the activity zone, the path branches off to the left. Continue to the municipal road, cross it. Take the path opposite to the Lande de Rennes subdivision. Continue straight until the D119.
4- At the D119, turn left for 80 m (watch out for traffic) then turn off on the path to the right.
5- At Kergounio, take the impasse de Kerluhan opposite to arrive at the Mané Bogad park and its pond (games for children, picnic tables, sports trail). Continue to the hamlet of Poulhoh.
6- Take the road to the left for 180 m before turning left into the path that leads to the Mané Bogad Dolmen, classified as a Historic Monument since 1931. It was excavated and restored that same year by Zacharie Le Rouzic, an archaeologist from the beginning of the XXth century. This tomb dating from the Neolithic period (7,000 years to 4,500 years before the present) was included in a tumulus, an architecture made up of earth and stone whose base is still visible today. An alignment of dismantled menhirs is also visible to the west of the monument, at the bottom of the hill. Some menhirs have been reused over time to build parcel walls. Return to the village by the path then by the rue du Champ d'Amour to
join the parking lot of the cemetery.
Parking du cimetière


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