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Plouharnel - Circuit de Crucuno

Plouharnel - Circuit de Crucuno

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Dolmen de Crucuno
Duration : 2 hours
Distance : 8km
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The Dolmen of Crucuno is a monument dating from the Neolithic era stripped of its tumulus and its access corridor. The latter was once described by W. Lukis (1864) as measuring 27 m in length and is still visible in early 19th century engravings. Today, only the burial chamber remains under an imposing cover slab weighing more than 30 tons.

Step by step :

Departure: Facing the dolmen, go to the right. Pass between two houses, follow the path, leave the path on the left.
1- Continue to the Kergazec wash house. Appreciate the built heritage by crossing the hamlet on the left. At the exit, take the path on the left and admire the Kergazec Dolmen, a passage tomb restored by Zacharie Le Rouzic in 1935 and listed
Historic Monument in 1945.
2- Continue to the Saint-Antoine Chapel which includes a fountain, a Calvary and a lech. The chapel was built in the 18th century.The side statues are those of Saint Antoine and Saint Eloi, invoked to protect cattle and horses.
3- Take the path again, turning right before the "Kernevé" sign. Follow a landscaped path leading to a flowered village common. Cross Kerarno, at the exit, turn left on the road and, 100 m, take the path on the left. At the crossroads, continue straight on the path.
4- At the road, turn left then straight along the Varquez pond. Facing the pond, take the path to observe the Dolmens of Mané Remor, badly damaged during the German occupation during the Second World War. Highest point of the town (33 meters), the German troops had installed a relay antenna there which they blew up during their retreat, with the megalithic tombs.
5- At the road, take the path to the left then, further on, left again. Cross Kernevé then the main road to follow the path opposite. At the 1st fork, go straight on then turn right.
6- At the road, pass in front of the recycling center then turn left. Go up to the Quadrangle of Crucuno, a megalithic enclosure today made up of 22 menhirs, two of which are recumbent. Historic Monument since 1889, it was restored by Felix Gaillard during the same period. The latter erected and arranged the menhirs, then lying down, in order to orient them on the cardinal points and to make the diagonals correspond to sunrises and sunsets at the solstices.
Dolmen de Crucuno

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