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Pluvigner - Circuit The town and its washhouses

Pluvigner - Circuit The town and its washhouses

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Parking Stade de Goh Lanno
Duration : 2 hours
Distance : 8km

Along the hollow paths, this circuit allows you to discover the washhouses of Pluvigner and the recently restored Saint-Guigner church.

Step by step :

Departure: Cross the Penn er Lann housing estate and the La Croix courte city.
1- Cross the road, follow it to the right. Take the path before the veterinary clinic.
2- Cross the road, follow the path.
3- Go left after the wash house, chemin du Tanin.
4- Cross the road, go left (narrow path).
5- At the end of the path, go left, cross the road towards Sainte-Anne d'Auray.
6- After "Bretagne Chrome", turn right at Impasse Kermarvail.
7- At the Lenno washhouse, go up to the right, follow the path then the road to the left.
8- Take the 2nd road on the left after the funeral home, the 1st path on the right, the impasse Vorlen.
9- Cross the road, go opposite rue Hent Guir. Turn left, cross the Foyer housing estate, go up a path at the back.
10- Rue du Hirello on the right, join the church. Turn left between the taxi and the pizzeria. Turn left and right. At the stop sign, turn right onto rue de la Croix Rouge and, 50 m further on, left onto impasse Croix Rouge.
11- Cross the Parc de la Madeleine, exit Rue de La Madeleine.
12- Turn right then left immediately after the railway bridge.
13- At the Lavoir du Guern, take the path on the left. at the road, turn left. At the gates of the old presbytery, turn right. 300 m further on, turn left onto rue Mané Touzic and 100 m on the right towards Kerléano. at 100 m, turn right into rue
Poulguidec, follow the railway line (path). 14 At the D102, turn left and right to Malabry. Go opposite (path).
15- At the Lavoir de Ker-Ivo, turn right, pass under the bridge as far as the buildings, turn left onto rue Mané Miquel as far as the D768.
16- Turn right. At the roundabout, go towards Auray. Take the 1st street on the left after the college.

• See along the circuit: Saint-Guigner fountain, Tanin washhouse, Lenno washhouse, Guern washhouse, Ker-Ivo washhouse.
• The parish church (essentially from the 16th century, older elements) is dedicated to Saint-Guigner, founder of the town. Inside, the stained glass windows illustrate the life of the famous figures of the parish. A painting of the Assumption of Mary (1770) and statues are remarkable. To see: antique tower and bell tower (1781), remains of the Notre Dame des Orties chapel (1426). A major restoration campaign (2011) uncovered paintings on the vault.
Parking Stade de Goh Lanno


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