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Saint-Philibert - Dolmens and menhirs

Saint-Philibert - Dolmens and menhirs

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Place des trois otages
Duration : 2:45
Distance : 10 km
Difficulty level: Easy
Yellow markings (blue tablets) - All year round

This circuit allows to walk among the trails of Saint-Philibert to discover the rich megalithic heritage of the town.

Departure: From the town hall, leave on the left rue des Ormes then take opposite Rue Gouzer. Continue straight through the subdivision.

1 At the path, turn right towards Kerroch. Pass near the Mana Canaplaye Dolmen. At Kerroch, turn left, continue and cross the road (attention, heavy traffic, difficult crossing).

2 Take the path to Kerambel. On the left, see the Petit Kerambel Dolmen (Mané Han). At the road, turn right, continue straight and take the path opposite.

3 At the crossing of the paths, turn right and then left towards the Plas-Kaër Chapel (hiking trail).This chapel was inaugurated in 1874 and built on the site of an old chapel erected in the 15th century. Located in the middle of a wood, it enjoys a superb setting. In front of the chapel, take the wooded path slightly to the left. Continue to Crac'h.

4 Take the school street on the right. At the end of the street, take the path that leads to the departmental road. Cross it at the pedestrian crossing then take the path that continues in front.

5 In Kergleverit, take the road straight for 150 m and then turn left on the road. Continue the path to the hamlet of Pont Er Lenn.

6 After the houses, turn left towards St-Philibert. Bypass the wastewater treatment plant then take the road to the craft zone. After 150 m, turn right onto a path leading to the hamlet of Kerran.

7 At the end of the path, take the road on the left then right to join the Chat Noir roundabout. Pass near the Kerran Dolmens (Roh Vras, "Grande Roche" in Breton).These two tombs were restored in 1927 by Zacharie Le Rouzic. A third dolmen, with an engraving on a pillar, was removed and transported to the Meudon cemetery in 1896. Cross the roundabout (direction St-Philibert). At 100 m, turn left towards Kerangoff. Pass near Menhir Men Milen.

At the end of the street, take the path on the right to the road. Take it on the left for 100 m then take a right, in front of Kermané Dolmen. Continue on the road until Ster street.

9 Take the path opposite. Before the roundabout, cross and take, opposite, the path that runs along the river. At the end, take the impasse of the schools, then on the right the street of the Old Bridge on 20 m before taking the path in front which leads to the chapel of St-Philibert.

10 Go around the chapel, go up the street. Take a right and continue right on Georges Camenen Street. Turn left on Rue des Presses. After the crossing with rue Abbé Martin, take the path that joins the street Gouzer.Take it to the right then straight on at the crossroads to reach the rue des Ormes and the town hall square.

Place des trois otages

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