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The 25/04/2024


Théâtre à l'Ouest 8 Rue du Lévenant
56400 Auray
Hashtag: (Common noun) - [aʃ.taɡ\] / Masculine
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Daron:(Nomcommun)-[da.ʁɔ]̃ /Masculine (from slang) Father, dad.

How do you raise a teenager from the "Tiktok and 4DX" generation, when you yourself grew up with minitel and VHS cassettes?
A little reactive and frankly overwhelmed by a society that's moving a little too fast for him, Basclo tries to be a good dad and pass on the values he holds dear to his son.
"Basically, my daron is too much on the floor with me.
Miskine swipes too fast for him. He's too much of a boomer with his advice shattered on the floor; like he thinks he's too much of a life coach, it's abused, it's too much of a no-no!"
#Daron: a story to like and share with your family

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On 25/04/2024 from 19:00
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Théâtre à l'Ouest 8 Rue du Lévenant
56400 Auray


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Reduced rate (Tarif réduit (- 18 ans/étudiants/chômeurs) ) 17 €

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