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Fest Noz avec Lothodé/Cadoudal Quartet
Fest Noz avec Lothodé/Cadoudal Quartet
The 02/08/2024

Fest Noz with Lothodé/Cadoudal Quartet

1 Place du Golhérez
56400 Auray

Fest-noz with the Lothodé/Cadoudal quartet.
Fabrice Lothodé (Bombarde - Biniou) and Chim Cadudal (Cornemuse), multiple champions of Brittany's bagpipe ringers, have joined forces with two musicians from different backgrounds and aesthetics: Florent Bigoin (Percussion) and Fred Lemaire (Cornet à pistons). These four musicians met in Lorient and Auray, and perform a wide repertoire of dance music from the different regions of Brittany.

Refreshments and catering on site.

Organizers: Ti Douar Alre / Ville d'Auray

Opening times

On 02/08/2024 from 21:00 to 22:30
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1 Place du Golhérez
56400 Auray


Free participation

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