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Festi'mômes #6 - Company Number 5 – “Vole Canard, Vole!”
Vole canard Vole
The 16/08/2022

Festi'mômes #6 - Company Number 5 – “Vole Canard, Vole!”

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Parc du château de Keravéon
At 6 p.m., every Tuesday, in the grounds of the Château de Keravéon for families. – Musical comedy (from 3 years old)

An epic and maritime comedy with songs and puppets: On his raft, the poet and musician Captain is accompanied by his brave dog Pétole and Georgio, a small, fearful yellow duck. On the mast, the wise Peter observes the changing sky. When the storm hits, will Georgio learn to fly to guide the disoriented crew?

FREE ENTRANCE. Hoops are available: 1 hoop per sibling.
> In the event of rain, wet grass or threats from the sky: retreat to the Espace culturel (rue Abbé Le Barh) in the town (limited to 210 people).
If in doubt about the weather: check whether withdrawal has been announced on the Facebook page of Erd'Evènement Vôtre.
No reservation. Parking at the entrance to the park or at the back by the access door to the cottages.

Schedule for the following Tuesdays:

08/23: Fox Co. – “The Legend of Verbruntschneck”

We are minutes away from the start of the show. The director (also presenter and company technician) is there. The set is set, the costumes are in place, the sound system is on but no actors warming up backstage! Is the team somewhere on the side of a road next to a broken down minibus? Was there a big argument, a last-minute clash? Or was there never a theater troupe in this company? Fortunately the public is warm, thanks to him the show will take place! – Comic theater (from 3 years old)

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On 16/08/2022
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Parc du château de Keravéon


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