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Fete de la plaisance
Port niscop
The 27/07/2024

Fête de la plaisance

Quai de Port Niscop
56550 Belz
The Port-Niscop harbor in Belz is set to come alive with the Fête de la pêche de plaisance. Organized by the association de défense du littoral et de la pêche de loisir, the festival kicks off at 2 p.m., with activities such as an introduction to sculling, lure handling, seamanship and knots, and the discovery of edible seaweed. In the evening, the festival kicks into high gear with an aperitif concert, meals under the big top, and a 1980s dance party.

Opening times

On 27/07/2024 from 14:00
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Quai de Port Niscop
56550 Belz


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