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Sous-Terre" - Méliscènes Festival
The 15/03/2024

Sous-Terre" show - Festival Méliscènes

Salle Emeraude Route de Locoal
56550 Locoal-Mendon
A show for young audiences and an exhibition on the theme of the underground world.

An immersion into the depths of time long ago and childhood.

What do we find deep underground? Two artists delve into this question, guiding us into their imaginary world with sounds, unearthed objects and other fragile inventions. A true plunge into the subterranean universe.

By the age of 8, we've already dug up earthworms and pebbles. We've even been to a cemetery, and we know that humans bury. At 30 and beyond, we're no longer afraid of the dark, and we've already visited caves, but most of the time we hope to come out of them. We sometimes forget that under our feet there is life, and much more than we can imagine!

The two artists embody speleologists, archaeologists and prehistorians who poetically reveal their finds: buried objects, pebbles, fossils, bones and other subterranean curiosities. Plastic arts mingle with object theater, music and video to create this hybrid form, like a journey with many entrances. A true descent into the caves, into the abysses where secrets are sometimes protected and hidden!

In conjunction with the show, you are invited to discover the Chroniques Souterraines exhibition, featuring a collection of miniature worlds "under cloche" that inspired the writing of the show, allowing spectators to become explorers in their own right.

Clémence Prévault and Sébastien Janjou

Investigation, writing, music and acting: Clémence Prévault and Sébastien Janjou

Lighting design, video and stage management: Jonathan Douchet

Mediation: Anne-Laure Janjou

Production: Le Lieu Multiple

Coproductions : Ville d'Orléans / Région Centre Val de Loire / DRAC Centre / SCIN JP supported by Scène O Centre / L'Hectare, Centre National de la Marionnette, Vendôme / L'Échalier, Saint Agil / Communauté de commune Cazals Salviac / La Fabuloserie, musée d'Art Hors-lesnormes / Espace Malraux, Joué-les-Tours / Théâtre de la Tête Noire / Théâtre de Cuisine, La Friche Belle de Mai / Théâtre Gérard Philipe, Orléans / La Minoterie, Dijon / Abbaye de Noirlac, Centre culturel de rencontre / L'Odyssée, Scène conventionnée, Périgueux.

Ages 8 and up

Running time: 45min

Opening times

On 15/03/2024 from 19:00 to 20:00
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Salle Emeraude Route de Locoal
56550 Locoal-Mendon


Base rate 6 €
Child rate 6 €



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