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Stopovers Photos - Hoédic
Escales Photos Hoédic
From 15/06/2022

Stopovers Photos - Hoédic

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Escales Photos Festival, large format exhibitions with free access.

Stone, sky, earth by the collective tendency floue - New exhibition
6 Eyes exhibition by the Tendance Floue collective. It will be about earth, sky and stone! Denis Bourges, Alain Willaume and Flore-Aël Surun will fix their gaze on the walls of the island. Interface between heaven and earth, human constructions shrouded in mystery and subject to the most varied beliefs, the 3 photographers have sought to bring out all the facets of these multi-millennial monuments which fascinate as much as they confuse the visitor.

Sensitive Poles by Xavier Bosher and Pierre Louvard
Louis Gain comes from a unique Cotentin family, made up of scientists, artists and adventurers, the same people often combining the three disciplines. In 1908, he boarded the Pourquoi-pas? of Commander Charcot, leaving among the pioneers for the Antarctic where everything is to be explored. The journey takes two years.In addition to substantial scientific results, Louis Gain will return with impressive photographs. In 2008, the “Pôle sensible” team went back in their footsteps, with a panoramic camera, revisiting their practice as a naturalist photographer. The exhibition is a tribute to these visionary explorers. They paved the way for research in Antarctica, today a “continent of science and peace” which plays a key role in understanding our planet.

Opening times

From 15/06/2022 to 31/10/2022
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