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Tahnee - L'autre
Tahnee - L'autre
The 20/06/2024

Tahnee - The other

8 Rue du Levenant
56400 Auray
Tahnee likes to wear thumb rings, her hair au naturel and certain Christmas presents!
She also likes to do whatever she wants with her body.
Tahnee is her real name, yes! It's a name of Indian origin, meaning "theater" in Indian, isn't that crazy?
No, it's not.
On the other hand, Tahnee invites you to discuss everything. In a festive stand-up show, she takes an offbeat look at today's world, a world rich in cultural, gender and sexual diversity.
And because the world needs joy, she's coming to share hers with you. Will you take a ticket?

Opening times

On 20/06/2024 from 20:30
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8 Rue du Levenant
56400 Auray


Base rate 17 € in 21 €



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