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Theatre - Boule de suif
Théâtre – Boule de suif
The 23/02/2024

Theater - Boule de suif

Le Stang
56330 Pluvigner
A play by Yannick Laubin, based on Guy de Maupassant, by Cie Mouton Noir.

A classroom, a literature teacher, students, an audience, a situation of school bullying known to all, and yet ... Suddenly, everything changes when, through the study of Maupassant's work, the teacher weaves links between the work and current events, between the characters in the short story and very real situations. Everything takes shape, everything makes sense, and as the mechanisms of the pack spirit are deciphered, the outlines of a collective resilience take shape.

Two dramas, one outcome... which depends on us! A deeply moving show.

Opening times

On 23/02/2024 from 20:30
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Le Stang
56330 Pluvigner



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