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Vous les femmes !
Vous les femmes !
From 22/06/2024

You women!

8 Rue du Levenant
56400 Auray
When guys try to understand you... You women!

Alex and Marie are getting married in a few weeks. Marie has gone out for her bachelorette party with her girlfriends, while Alex prefers to stay home alone and relax. But it's not long before two long-lost friends resurface for a wild evening.

This impromptu reunion revolves around their favorite subject: women!
These 3 tender-hearted losers will try to unravel the mystery. Disputes, misunderstandings and revelations are the order of the evening, turning into a nightmare for the groom-to-be.

"Vous les femmes" is a delicious blend of theater, café-theater and improvisation. A comedy about women and men, about all our little foibles that make us laugh as much as cry, and ultimately make us cry with laughter.

Opening times

On 22/06/2024 from 19:00
On 23/06/2024 from 17:00
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8 Rue du Levenant
56400 Auray


Base rate 22 € in 26 €



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