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Writing workshop by ANDRASTE EDITIONS
Atelier d'écriture-Quiberon-Morbihan-Bretagne Sud
Atelier d'écriture-Quiberon-Morbihan-Bretagne Sud
From 02/10/2020

Writing workshop by ANDRASTE EDITIONS

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Maison des Associations Salle R2 6 rue Jules Ferry
At the following link: here , you will find the different stages of the writing workshop.

Indeed, sanitary conditions are becoming more and more restrictive and we do not want to have to cancel our workshops at the last minute.
Until further notice, the content of our workshops will therefore be published on the facebook page: andraste-editions

We will answer all questions asked on Andraste's email address:


Here is a question:
"Why marry? Or not?"
You can answer according to your taste on the address or on the messenger of the Facebook page
The first 5 answers win the electronic version of the survey book, stories, news on all ages of life and love "" Why marry? "By Marie Berchoud .

Themes & progression:
- Reading, writing: I like / I don't like
- You, your heroes and heroines: describe, say your choices
- In the beginning was .. listen? tell ? read? (founding personal experiences)
- Tell / Invent? Dare !
- The choice of a narrative genre: story of invention, chronicle of experience, memories, testimonies ...
- Experiment: what suits me, what others like, what I like to read ...

- Marie AUBERGER: Psychologist guidance counselor. Author of books on guidance and detective novels.
- Marie BERCHOUD: Emeritus professor in language sciences. Author of books on the use of French and Romans.

Create, invent, write? How is it going for you ? A thousand ideas and emotions on a page or a screen?
Stories come to you; memories, with the desire to do something with them?
Images too, perhaps, because it happens that a story begins with an image: you see it, it is behind your eyes, in full sensitive memory ... but how to share it?
Telling, describing, saying, talking, solving puzzles, changing destinies ... starting with your own!
Who has never wanted to write about his ancestors, whom we adored, or whom we knew too little ... Come on.
Come as you are, with your favorite images, your photos;
and also your books. We have more ideas and images together (images and imagination ...)

Opening times

On 02/10/2020
On 04/12/2020
On 01/01/2021
On 05/02/2021
On 05/03/2021
On 02/04/2021
On 07/05/2021
On 04/06/2021
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Maison des Associations Salle R2 6 rue Jules Ferry


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