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The Charterhouse
la chartreuse
Rue Pierre Allio Bp-50106
56400 BRECH
Special info 2020:
The Charterhouse is currently closed to the public. A hiking tour from the Chartreuse to the Champs des Martyrs is offered as part of Détour d'Art but this does not include entry to the monument. Find all the information about this visit here.

The Charterhouse was built following the battle of Auray between Jean de Montfort and his cousin and rival Charles de Blois, for the Duchy of Brittany. The confrontation cost the life of Charles de Blois and put an end to the War of the Succession of Brittany. In 1382, Jean IV de Montfort, who became Duke of Brittany, had the Saint-Michel du Champ collegiate church built in memory of the dead combatants. In 1482, the Carthusians settled there, but were driven out in 1791.
The bones of the chouans and the emigrants shot by General Hoche's troops in 1795 are kept in the Mausoleum of the Charterhouse.At the time, they had been summarily buried in the "field of martyrs", 500 m from La Chartreuse in the direction of Sainte-Anne d'Auray.

Rue Pierre Allio Bp-50106
56400 BRECH


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