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Belz - The Loop of Ouerc'h
Vue aérienne de la Ria d'Etel à Belz
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Belz - The Loop of Ouerc'h

Distance: 4.2 km Duration: 1h Difficulty level: Easy Yellow markup All year Winter wetlands Hunting periods from October to February (signs) This circuit allows to discover the hollow and wooded roads of the municipality. Departure From Chapelle Sainte-Anne, take rue des Champs.The Sainte-Anne Chapel was built in 1829. This date appears on the lintel of the south gate. The annual pardon takes place on Last Sunday of July. 1 After 150 m, after the mailboxes, take the path on the left. Continue between fields by a path lined with old low walls. 2 Snake in the forest following the main path. 3 At the junction with an exploitation road, turn left. This part of the circuit can be wet in the rainy season. Continue to the road. 4 Turn right and cross the street of Mané Kerdonnerc'h to take the grassy path. Continue the pathto the dead end of the Pignono. At the end of the impasse, take the rue de l'Océan on the left for 50 m. 5 After 50 m, take the path on the right. Continue until 6 Take the rue du Ouerch on the right. See the Kerienno washhouse, picnic table available. Continue the path that brings back rue des Champs. Take it on the left to find Chapelle Sainte-Anne.

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 01:00:00
Distance 4.2km

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