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Grandes marées arche port blanc
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Experience spring tides in Quiberon Bay

In Brittany, twice a day, every 6 hours, the sea retreats and then rises again. It's the tidal phenomenon!

Depending on the coefficients, they are more or less important and beyond 90, we speak of spring tide. Make the most of a stay in Morbihan to discover this natural phenomenon!

Hiking on the coastal paths, strolling on the foreshore, having a go at shellfish gathering, or simply enjoying the fascinating spectacle before you, come and admire the magic of the spring tides in Baie de Quiberon!

The great tides

Find out the dates of the next spring tides in the Bay of Quiberon and come and get some fresh air while taking in the magnificent landscapes. More info

Discover the best spots to observe the spring tides !

Grandes marées

Spring tide: does the sea rise or fall?

The tide is a regular and periodic movement of sea water resulting from the combined attractions of the moon and sun. For more than 6 hours, it rises, then rests for about 30 minutes. It then goes down for 6 hours. Thus, there are two high and two low tides per day.

The largest tides occur when the attraction forces of the moon and sun combine. Thanks to tidal coefficients, professionals and amateurs alike can get an idea of its importance: 20 for the lowest tides, called neap tides, to 120 for the high tides, called spring tides. The equinox tides (March and September) are the strongest.

Good to know: caution and vigilance are called for during these high tides.

Pêche à pied

Shellfish gathering and spring tides in the Bay of Quiberon

The higher the tidal coefficient, the further the sea retreats. Whether it be in Locmariaquer, Trinité-sur-Mer, the Quiberon peninsula or in the Etel river, during high tides, Quiberon Bay has many ideal spots to venture onto the foreshore, a n expanse of sea that is revealed at low tide. A vast panorama composed of rocks, pebbles, sand, ponds and water holes lies before your eyes.

Equipped with boots, buckets and rakes, you are ready to gather clams, cockles, hard shelled clams, periwinkles, crabs, mussels... which will weigh down your basket as you you gather the shellfish. Get a lungful of fresh Breton sea air, and recharge your batteries in an idyllic setting at one with nature.


Are you new to shellfish gathering? Take part in our initiation trips to shellfish gathering. With a nature guide, discover this outdoor activity. It is a friendly moment that is suitable for both children and adults alike! Find all the dates in the events calendar.

The ocean's resources are not infinite. A few rules must be respected to preserve this very precarious environment. Be as reasonable as possible, limit your catches, and

Good to know: remember to monitor tide times!

Learn more about shellfish gathering

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