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Alignements de Kerzerho
© Simon Bourcier
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Dolmen de Crucuno, Plouharnel
© Patrice Baissac
© Erwan Le Cornec

Travel back in time to the land of the megaliths

Carnac and its 3,000 menhirs, Locmariaquer and its giant monolith... Countless tumuli, alignments and other dolmens are scattered around the Bay of Quiberon.

Millenary relics polished by rain and wind, the megaliths of Brittany are testimonies of the prehistoric era. These mysterious standing or lying stones of the Neolithic period continue to puzzle researchers and mystics.

Carnac, the must-see megalithic site of Morbihan

The internationally renowned megalithic site, which is at the heart of UNESCO's intangible heritage project, is of course the heritage of Carnac. With a wealth of 3,000 menhirs, it dates back to about the 5th millennium before our era.

Carnac alignments

Discover the alignments of Carnac, listed among the largest megalithic sites in the world. They extend over more than 4 km. Dolmens, menhirs and tumuli make up this stone forest spread over 3 sites. It is said that these stone landscapes, unique for due to their huge size and their protected natural environment, are appreciated by the facetious Korrigans who gather there in the moonlight.

Take a trip back in time by participating in a guided tour of the Carnac alignments, proposed by the Maison des Mégalithes, preceded by an informative visit by the Musée de la Préhistoire de Carnac, and its rich collections.

Site des mégalithes Locmariaquer

    Locmariaquer and the largest dolmen in Europe!

    Face the largest dolmen and menhir in Europe! Three major pieces constitute the heritage of the Locmariaquer megalithic site:

    • The large broken menhir, a giant of more than 20 metres long and weighing nearly 300 tons, lying on the ground in four pieces. It is the oldest of the site's monuments, dating from 5,000 years before our era, and the last vestige of a complex set of steles.
    • La Table des Marchands: a Neolithic tomb with a seven-metre long passage, a burial chamber and a remarkable engraved ensemble.
    • The tumulus of Er Grah, belonging to the category of closed vault spultures: it is a monument of exceptional dimensions (140 metres long) and built over several centuries.

    Discover these three monuments during 45-minute guided tours:

    Erdeven géants de Kerzerho

    Amazing: the giants of Erdeven

    A less well-known but equally impressive site, walk along the Kerzerho alignment on the municipality of Erdeven. The site, which is open all year round, is 2 km long and is divided into 11 lanes. Still standing in the moor, the 190 menhirs - some of them very large - are called "the giants of Erdeven".

    Take a 2-hour route between Kerzerho and the village of Crucuno in Plouharnel, passing through the Varquez woods, to discover this remarkable megalithic heritage. In summer, the Erdeven tourist office also offers guided tours.

    Saint-Pierre Quiberon

    Other ideas for visits around megaliths

    Discover other must-see megalithic sites in South Brittany:

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