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Landaul, Landévant, Pluvigner - Circuit les bons-voisins
Randonnée - Landaul, Landévant - Les Bons voisins - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
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Landaul, Landévant, Pluvigner - Circuit les bons-voisins

Chapelle Notre Dame de Locmaria
56690 Landévant

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 03:00:00
Distance 12km
Chapelle Notre Dame de Locmaria
56690 Landévant
Level of difficulty: Medium

Yellow markings Vertical drop - All year round A wide trail passing through Landaul, Landévant and Pluvigner, between village, countryside and forest. The Kergroëz stream is renowned for its trout and salmon fishing.

Departure: From the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Locmaria, listed as a Historic Monument. It is built on an ancient Gallo-Roman edifice. Built in the early 13th century, it has undergone several alterations, blending the Romanesque and Gothic styles. This remarkable chapel is covered with medieval paintings, from floor to roof, which are among the oldest in Morbihan. Since 2009, the chapel has benefited from several restoration campaigns, enabling us to appreciate its unique décor, alternating religious and secular scenes with geometric decorations. Beautiful Romanesque capitals are carved with grinning human heads and animals. Open from mid-June to mid-September. Turn left on the road, towards the Plusquen mill.

Step by step:

1) At the Plusquen bridge, turn left onto the dirt track for 20 m. Then turn left into the woods. Further on, there are two options: signposted right or left, the paths merge shortly afterwards.

2) On the path, turn left at the top of the hill and follow the path.

3) At Cosquer-Saint-Goal, turn right, follow the road and turn left.

4) Cross the D33 and continue along the road opposite. After 500 m, turn left towards Kerivaut Saint-Guy.

5) At Kerivaut Saint-Guy, take the track on the right for 1 km, follow the signs and then take the wooded path.

6) At the Kergroëz stream, turn left, follow the stream and cross the footbridge.

7) Follow the embankment to the left, go up the field and cross the embankment. Attractive fountain. Continue on the path through the woods.

8) At Coêt Drian, turn left onto the road, then left again towards Bodalan for approx. 1 km.

9) After Bodalan, turn left and follow the track for 400 m. Continue to the right, following the wooded path.

10) After 400 m, turn left into the woods. Follow the embankment before descending on the footpath to the D33.

11) Turn left onto the road. At the Bons-Voisins bridge, turn right and follow the river for 1 km.

12) Cross the river and go up the wooded path. Follow the path back to the starting point.

Focus: - Locmaria chapel is believed to have been built on an ancient Gallo-Roman edifice. Located on the route of the Tro Breizh and the pilgrimage to Sainte-Anne d'Auray, it served as a resting and nursing place for pilgrims. Since 2009, it has been undergoing a major restoration campaign. The 1st phase of the project uncovered ancient paintings on the arches and roof structure (13th-18th centuries): geometric shapes in red, ochre, white and black. Phase 2 revealed a figurative cycle of over 13 figures (13th century). Restoration aims to reveal these exceptional paintings. Open from time to time (ask at the tourist office).

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