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Locoal Mendon - Circuit Lapaul-Cosquer

Locoal Mendon - Lapaul-Cosquer circuit

Fontaine de lapaul
56550 Locoal-Mendon

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 00:45:00
Distance 3.3km
Fontaine de lapaul
56550 Locoal-Mendon
Level of difficulty: Easy
Yellow markings

All year round This short circuit takes you through the hamlet of Lapaul and along the Etang du Crannic stream. Chapelle Saint-Paul de Lapaul (17th century) was completely rebuilt as an oratory in the 20th century.

Departure: From the Fontaine de Lapaul (modern fountain rebuilt on the site of an old fountain), pass behind the transformer then take the road to the right (yellow sign).

Step by step:

1 - At the fork in the road, turn left onto the rural farm road. 200 m further on, turn right at the wire marking the passage of the cows. A little further on, take the pedestrian chicane (do not remove the animal barriers).

2- At the bottom of the country lane, turn right and enter the forest. Follow the rules of the road.

3- Turn right on the rural track to return to the hamlet.

Source: association des Sentiers de Locoal-Mendon.

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