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Plumergat - Les 3 clochers

Plumergat - The 3 steeples

Kiosque en face de la mairie
56400 Plumergat

Features of the route

Length 2h
Distance 8km
Kiosque en face de la mairie
56400 Plumergat
Easy Plumergat, its village with three steeples, its villages and its chapels are located along country roads and paths.

Step by step :

Start: Walk down the square to the left of the church. Take the track after the well.

1- At the end of the housing estate, turn right up to the village, walk alongside the church and take the road on the left.

2- At the traffic circle, take the track opposite. After 50 m, turn left at the fork in the road.

3- At Le Reste, take the road to the right, then the track to the right.

4- At the end of the track, take the road to the right and a track to the left.

5- Before the housing estate, turn right.

6- At the end of the track, turn right, then left between the 2 soccer pitches. Turn right.

7- At the stop sign, cross the road, turn left in front of the multi-purpose hall, then right after the Pont Gollec housing estate.

8- At the crossroads, take the right-hand track. At the 1st intersection, turn left.

9- Take the road on the left as far as the D133. Follow it to the right.

10- Take the 1st track on the left opposite the entrance to the Manoir du Baisy (300 m). At the D133, turn right into the village.

Focus: - Saint-Thuriau church retains the nave, arcades and sculpted capitals of its Romanesque origins. To the right of the south door, see the only Breton stele (1st century) bearing Gallic inscriptions. - The 15th-century Chapel of the Trinity houses several statues. Its dripstones and sablières abound with sculptures of varied motifs. Open from time to time (ask at the tourist office). - The Saint-Servais chapel is said to have been built by a local farmer, following a pilgrimage to the Saint's tomb in Maastricht.

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