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Pluvigner - Saint-Trémeur
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Pluvigner - Saint-Trémeur

Fontaine Saint-Guigner Rue du Tanin
56330 Pluvigner

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 02:30:00
Distance 10km
Fontaine Saint-Guigner Rue du Tanin
56330 Pluvigner
Level of difficulty: Medium
Yellow markings - All year round This hike takes in the Saint-Guigner fountain, the Talhouët archaeological site, villages and the Pluvignois countryside.

Start: From the fountain-washhouse, walk up Rue du Tanin. At the crossroads, cross the road and turn left into rue Abbé Le Barh. Turn left on rue Hent Halré. Opposite, follow the path to the road.

Step by step :

1- Cross the road, go straight ahead. Take the track, continue for 700 m up to the road.

2- Turn right, walk towards Botioche. At 700 m, cross a stream by the bridge.

3- Turn left, and take the track leading to the Talhouët archaeological site. Excavations on this site from 1983 to 1989 revealed remains dating from the Iron Age and Antiquity. In view of the site's good state of preservation, a light restoration was undertaken, using granite quarried on site. It comprises two distinct groups: in the center of the plateau, the remains of a Gallic settlement and, on its southern edge, two older circular-faced burials. The latter corresponds to a farm, roughly protected by an enclosure that follows the slope of the plateau. The inhabited area in the center is bounded by a 250 m² enclosure, the western part of which protects a quadrangular building dating from the 3rd century BC. This first settlement is adjoined by a circular building dating from the 2nd century BC. Continue towards the road.

4- Cross the road and enter Bréventec. At the well, turn left onto the track. Follow the signs through the waterworks estate. At the bottom of the path, turn left, cross the stream and go up the path.

5- At the road, turn left towards Saint-Trémeur. After 1 km, turn left onto the track. Continue along the wooden decking and along the embankment. At the end of the path, turn left.

6- Cross the road to Sainte-Anne d'Auray. Follow the track opposite towards Kervic. In Kervic, turn right and follow the track for 350 m.

7- Turn left at the wooden footbridge. Follow the stream and track to Loguiviec.

8- In Loguiviec, turn left and take the sunken track on the right alongside the house. At the exit, turn right at the well and climb up. At the crossroads, cross the road and take the track opposite for 500 m.

9- At the crossroads, turn left and follow the track to the road. Cross the road to reach the Saint-Guigner fountain and the Tanin wash-house.

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