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Pêche à pied
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Go shellfish gathering in Quiberon Bay

When the sea retreats and the foreshore – an area of the sea unveiled at low tide - comes to the fore, enjoy the simple pleasure of shellfish gathering!

Pêche à pied

Spring tides are a great opportunity for shellfish gathering in rocky and sandy areas. It is then the right time to go in search of shellfish and crustaceans.

Put on your wellies on, bring a bucket, a net, a small hoe or a rake... and take advantage of the low tide to explore the miles of Breton coast. Gather shellfish at countless sites in the Bay of Quiberon, it's up to you to choose the ideal place!

Depending on the tides, you will find hulls, clams, razor shells and other burrowing clams! It is also an opportunity to enjoy the good Breton air, and to energise yourself, at one with nature. It is a pleasant moment to be spent with family or friends, and with a bit of luck, to enjoy your catch of the day.

Would you like to be guided for your first shellfish gathering experience? Take part in our initiation to shellfish gathering. With our nature guide, you will discover this leisure activity, alone, with family, as a couple or with friends. It is a convivial moment that should suit everyone. Find all the dates of the outings in the events calendar. The number of participants is limited to each visit... Don’t forget to book !

Consult the tide schedules for the next few days

A few tips for ecologically-responsible fishing

  • Equip yourself with boots or good shoes to avoid slipping on the rocks.
  • Take the time to check the tide schedules and leave 1h30 before low tide to make the most of it.
  • Respect the marine environment, put the rocks and raised stones back in their place.
  • Ask about the minimum size limits to respect.
  • Only fish what you can eat on the same day.
  • Respect the fishing bans in force on signs at the beach entrance or on the dedicated site.

For practical information, visit:

Spots for shellfish gathering

Find on the map below the different areas suitable for shellfish gathering.

  • Men-dû Beach, La Trinité-sur-Mer
  • Les Pierres plates, Locmariaquer
  • Plage des Sables blancs, Plouharnel
  • Kergoal, Locoal-Mendon. Meeting point in the parking lot before the tip of Listrec.

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