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Park in La Trinité-sur-Mer

Parking is free all year round in La Trinité-sur-Mer on all public car parks, except during the summer period (from July 1st to August 31st). From 1 July to 31 August, paid parking is available every day, including Sundays and public holidays, from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 7pm on the 3 central car parks on the banks and on the Ifremer car park.

Free parking all year round, except during the summer period (from 15 June to 15 September)

Place du Voulien (except Tuesday and Friday morning, market days)
Le Poulbert to the south (rue du Men Du, towards Carnac) - linked in summer by the Trinibus
Le Men Du (at the beach)
Le Penher to the north (route du Latz) - linked in summer by the Trinibus

Part of the area is a blue zone: limited to 2 hours
Place Yvonne Sarcey, rue du Men Du, terre-plein des Américains and part of the car parks on the Quays.

Parking spaces limited to 10 minutes
Rue du Men-Du, Cours des Quais, Rue du Voulien

For all time-limited parking, the control disc must be affixed to the dashboard.

Paid car parks

From 15 June to 15 September, paid parking has been introduced every day, including Sundays and public holidays, from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 7pm in the three central car parks on the Cours des Quais and in the Ifremer car park.

For the first two hours :1.80€ / hour (0.03€ minutes) of which 10 minutes are free with the first payment.
For the last half hour: €1.046 per minute
Parking for more than 2.5 hours: €35 flat rate

A system of payment by phone
The "Pay by phone" application allows you to pay for parking directly by phone. This method has been introduced by the municipality to make it easier to pay for parking in real time. There is no need to run to the parking meter, to have change or to put a paper ticket behind the windscreen! PayByPhone is revolutionising habits: receive an alert (notification and/or sms) before the end of the parking period and extend or stop remotely in order to pay only for the time actually used. As for control, it's simple: the agents check that users are in order by scanning the number plate.

Parking GIG - GIC

Parking spaces reserved for disabled persons may only be used by persons holding a valid blue GIG - GIC card. These pitches are limited to a maximum of 12 hours by municipal decree. Holders of this card can park in all the parking spaces available in the municipality, free of charge.

The card must be placed legibly on the dashboard.

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