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Cruises on sailboat

On sale in all Offices: check office contact details.


Iliens, la navette qui met les voiles

Naviguer à la voile vers Belle-Île-en-Mer. Partez en toute tranquillité vers le port de Sauzon. En vente dans nos accueils.

Adulte : à partir de 44€ A/R – Ado (12/25 ans) : à partir de 33€ A/R – Enfant – de 12 ans : à partir de 19€ - Pack famille (2 adultes + 2 enfants – 12 ans) : à partir de 107€

Caseneuve Maxi Catamaran

Caseneuve Maxi Catamaran

Departure from Port-Haliguen to Quiberon and from Port-Blanc to Baden


Day trip by catamaran

Embark for a dream day trip on a large 18m catamaran with a halt on the island of Houat. Lunch not included. From 9am to 6pm. Adult: €65, Child (1 - 12 yrs. included): €50.

End of the day by catamaran

At the end of the day, enjoy the colours and graduated shades of the sea and sky. Sip Caribbean cocktails or enjoy local specialities while enjoying this magical moment!. In July and August, every evening from Port Haliguen from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Adult: €35, Child (1 - 12 yrs included) €30.

Firework evening in a catamaran

On July 14 and August 15, board a maxi catamaran and be at the heart of the event for an evening. On board, buffet with champagne. From 8pm to midnight. Adult: €75, Child (1 - 12 yrs included): €50 (meal included)

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