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Sea fishing

On sale in all Offices: check office contact details.


Pesk' Anim

From Port-Haliguen to Quiberon, learn about sport fishing for the most sought-after predator fish such as the sea bass in the coastal area and Morbihan islands or the large pollack out at sea.

Half-day outings (from 7.30am to 12.30pm) or evening sessions (from 4pm to 7pm) on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Rates: half-day: €120/pers. - Evening session: €70/pers.

Escal'ouest pêche en mer

ESCAL'OUEST - Initiation to sea fishing

Embark with friends or with family for a morning on the shores of Groix Island. From Port-Louis (7.30am - 12pm).

On Wednesdays 18/25 July and 01/08/22 August.

Adult: €42, Child (- 12 years old): €28, Non-fishing chaperone: €28

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