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© Hotel restaurant spa du Tumulus_carnac
Thalasso Carnac
© Thalazur Carnac
Keravel Triskell Balnéo
© Keravel Triskell Balnéo

Relaxing break in the spas of Baie de Quiberon

Want to enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being during your stay in Morbihan? Quiberon Bay is home to spas offering tailor-made treatments and an exceptional natural setting. 

Invigorating mists, relaxing sea baths, the Bay of Quiberon is endowed with a precious nature offering a thalassotherapy effect in its raw state. So why not prolong the effect? Many spas offer jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, and care for visitors passing through. This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a made-to-measure relaxing treat in the Bay of Quiberon.

Thalassa sea & spa Quiberon

Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa, the high-tech thalasso

Inspired by the place, cycling champion Louison Bobet successfully designed a thalassotherapy centre in 1964.

Today, the thalassotherapy centre offers a range of quality treatments, accessible to all: massage, exfoliation under marine rain, wraps, underwater jets... including technical innovations such as cryotherapy, and a large outdoor whirlpool pool, which overlooks the ocean with a view of Belle-Île ! Not to miss.

Thalazur Carnac

Thalazur Carnac and Spa Marin, the 100% organic thalasso

Attentive to the environment since its designing, the Thalazur Carnac and Spa Marin complex has a 2,500 m2 marine spa, which was the first in the world to receive the Being accreditation referring to ecological spas.

Everything here calls for serenity and meditation. Zen care, Ayurvedic sculpting, facial and body care, all provided by experts using natural and organic products. Experience ethical relaxation!

Triskel balnéo Keravel

Triskel balneo, for algotherapy fans

Discover the Triskel balneo in Erdeven, a seaside spa with a friendly atmosphere. Care is provided using a range of seaweed products.

Boost your energy in this 900 m² space dedicated to well-being and relaxation.

Wellness area of the Tumulus

Wellness area of the Tumulus, on the heights of Carnac

Located at the foot of the Tumulus Saint-Michel in Carnac, this charming hotel has a calm and refined spa.

Accessible to external customers, come and enjoy exceptional body treatments and dive into water at 33°C! Among its offers, the "experience" shower awakens your senses with chromatherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy.


Neptilude, for the die-hard people of the Peninsula

In the heart of Quiberon, the Neptilude centre offers many activities including a coastal water walk, which can be extended by a moment of relaxation in a warm 30 m² outdoor jacuzzi.

After the effort, sit back and relax!

Centre Alré’o

Centre Alré'o, a balneotherapy area in night mode

The Aquatic Centre offers many activities with 3 pools and a 150 m2 relaxation area. At night, on Friday evenings, the Alré'o centre opens the doors of its spa, hammam and Jacuzzi.

Let yourself be tempted by a Zen atmosphere and tea bar at the Centre Alré'o of Auray, to end the week in a relaxed way!

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