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Ile de Saint Cado
© T. Poriel
Saint Cado
© A. Lamoureux
Saint Cado

Saint-Cado, the mysterious islet of the Etel River

Discover the village of Saint-Cado in Belz, in the heart of the Etel river.

Maison de Nichtarguer

Saint-Cado and its famous house with blue shutters

Before you start your walk, you can admire the famous little house with blue shutters set on the rocky islet of Nichtarguer. Also known as the oyster house as it was once the home of an oyster park keeper and his family.

Currently uninhabited, this house invites you to dream and makes you want to stay there for the summer holidays. You will surely meet a few painters or photographers immortalising the landscape and the legendary history of this little corner of the world, which has become one of the most famous clichés in Brittany. From the quayside, enjoy this magical setting to contemplate magnificent sunsets.

Pont Saint Cado

The legend of the Saint-Cado bridge

Legend has it that, Saint-Cado wanted a bridge to connect the island separated from the land by the ria d'Etel but lacked the means. One day it received a visit from Satan who offered his help on condition that he would be granted the soul of the first living being to pass over this bridge.

Saint-Cado accepted and the Demon creates the stone structure in one night. In the early morning, Saint-Cado encouraged a cat to cross the bridge. Satan was not expecting this, but this is what happened!

Saint Cado

Romantic walk in Saint-Cado

Discover this islet full of mysteries, connected by a stone bridge and easy of access on foot. You can discover charming little fishermen's houses and get close to some religious monuments.

Built by the monks of the priory in the 12th century, a sumptuous Romanesque chapel dedicated to Saint Cado takes center stage in the central square. In the village, you can also discover the Calvary decorated with sculptures and the fountain which gets regularly submerged by the tide.

Take the path below the chapel and take a walk around the island. The path offers a beautiful viewpoint onto the Etel River between oyster farms, forests and small coves where colourful boats sail.

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