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Spring tides
© Patrice Baissac
© A. Lamoureux

The best spots in Quiberon Bay for observing spring tides

Discover our selection of must-see places to see and observe the spring tides in Baie de Quiberon. 

Côte sauvage grandes marées

Admire the spring tide on the Wild Coast in Quiberon

A surprising show awaits you on the Wild Coast! With the crash of the waves and the roar of strong winds off the Wild Coast, the landscape is whitened with clouds of flying foam. This natural and fantastic setting is ideal for filling your lungs with fresh briny air coming directly from the ocean! Come and enjoy this magnificent moment while remaining cautious, of course.

Barre d'Etel

Take a break at the barre d’ Étel

At the entrance of the Ria d'Etel, watch the tide rising and being confronted by the sound thus, creating a perpetual wave with impressive currents.

At low tide, the sandbank that forms the bar d’Étel is revealed, attracting many curious people.

Observe the tide from the Men-dû beach in Trinité-sur-Mer


Observe the tide from the Men-dû beach in Trinité-sur-Mer

From the Men-dû beach in La Trinité-sur-Mer, contemplate the panorama of Quiberon Bay and the offshore islands. Also make the most of the beach at low tide to indulge in the pleasures of shellfish gathering.

You also have the opportunity to reach the islet of Stuhan, which becomes only accessible at low tide.


Meeting point at Kerpenhir Point in Locmariaquer

From the Pointe de Kerpenhir in Locmariaquer, admire the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan and the strong currents that flow into it.  It is surrounded by rocks in the middle of which stands the statue of Our Lady of Kerdro. This statue marks the western mouth of the Gulf of Morbihan.

At low tide, take the time to observe the oyster beds and the work of the oyster farmers.

Pointe du Conguel

Another point of view: Pointe du Conguel in Quiberon

At the southern end of the Quiberon peninsula, Pointe du Conguel is the ideal place to gather shellfish at low tide. Armed with your nets and buckets, collect shrimps, clams, cockles, razor shells, periwinkles and other shellfish.

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