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Port Blanc
© T. Poriel
Côte sauvage
© T. Poriel

Roam the Wild Coast of Quiberon

Discover the Wild Coast on the Quiberon Peninsula with its invigorating landscapes shaped by the winds and seasons. A definite breath of invigorating air!

To the west of the Quiberon Peninsula, the Wild coast extends for about ten kilometres from the village of Portivy in Saint-Pierre Quiberon to Château Turpault in Quiberon. Over the seasons erosion shapes this granitic coast. Steep cliffs, wild creeks, arches hollowed by the waves... Unrelentlessly whipped by the winds and sea, the Wild Coast offers a bracing spectacle.

Côte sauvage

Wild Coast: cliffs, dunes and green expanses

Dominated by the remains of a customs post, Pointe du Percho offers an exceptional view onto this breathtaking landscape. Below, don't miss the sumptuous arch of Port-Blanc. Called pierced rock, you can take a peek at it at low tide. At sunset, evening lights pass through the arch, thereby enhancing its beauty. A permanent natural spectacle for a return to the roots!

Continue your walk along the Wild Coast, and take a break at the beautiful spots of Port Bara and Port Rhu. But be careful as the coast remains... Wild! Even in calm weather, currents from the rare beaches of the Wild coast can be dangerous due to ground swell. Respect swimming restrictions to serenely take in the beauty of nature! 


Discover the Wild Coast on foot or by bike

To fully enjoy these wide expanses and sea air, the marked trails offer you some very beautiful routes. On foot or by bike, you can measure the power of the ocean at its fullest. Stroll along the 8 km-long walking trails, and recharge your batteries in the midst of nature facing the often powerful and ever impressive sea. By bike, take the green lane and ride along the Wild coast to Quiberon.

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