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Coccibelle a perdu ses points
Coccibelle a perdu ses points
From 28/04/2024

Coccibelle has lost its points

Théâtre à l'Ouest 8 Rue du Lévenant
56400 Auray
COCCIBELLE A PERDU SES POINTS tells the story of a little ladybug who lives in Madame Rennes' rose bushes and harvests aphids to make a delicious soup.
Madame Rennes is very fond of her, as she does her a great service.
She has a large family who come once a month to taste her aphid soup, and many friends who appreciate her enormously.
But Coccibelle has a flaw: she goes much too fast.
Everyone tells her so: "Coccibelle, slow down", "Coccibelle, where are you running to?
"Coccibelle, take time to do things". But nothing!
Coccibelle was going so fast that one day she woke up to find her pretty black spots had disappeared from her wings.
She's so upset
So she goes around the garden and asks her friends to help her find her dots.

Opening times

On 28/04/2024 from 11:00
On 29/04/2024 from 11:00
On 30/04/2024 from 11:00
On 01/05/2024 from 11:00
On 02/05/2024 from 11:00
On 03/05/2024 from 11:00
On 04/05/2024 from 11:00
On 05/05/2024 from 11:00
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Théâtre à l'Ouest 8 Rue du Lévenant
56400 Auray


Base rate 12 €
Children's rate (Tarif enfant (jusqu'à 14 ans)) 10 €

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