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Kerminihy Beach
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Kerminihy Beach

56410 Erdeven
The wildest beach in the commune: both very large and covered with fine sand, it is open to all and tolerates naturism. Accessible from the Kerminihy car park to the west and the Barre d'Etel car park to the east, it is also divided into zones.

You should refer to the signs available at the Kerminihy car park to identify them. The part towards the Etel bar is forbidden for swimming due to the strong eddies caused by the mouth of the Ria. This beach is unsupervised and dangerous: perfect for sunbathing, swimming is at your own risk!

Note that if naturism is tolerated on the beach, it is not tolerated under any circumstances, neither on the dune crossed by the greenway, nor on the car parks!

Free car parks. Dogs, even if kept on a leash, are forbidden from 1 April to 30 September. WC on the car park.
56410 Erdeven


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