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Randonneurs menhirs Erdeven
© A. Lamoureux

To see, to do

Guided tours, hikes, cultural discoveries, indoor and outdoor activities, relaxing... Between land and sea, the many leisure activities and tours will delight you in the Bay of Quiberon.

Want thrills? Enjoy all kinds of water sports: stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, diving, jet skiing or even sailing on a heritage sailboat, motor boat rental, sailing schools... Last but not least, you can visit castles, megalithic sites and have fun in animal parks.

Feel like watching a movie, a concert or a show or would you rather go to an exhibition or an art studio? In Quiberon Bay, there are so many things to do! Here, you can see the list of events, cinemas, heritage and cultural sites, information about swimming pools....

Throughout the seasons, you can do whatever you fancy, at your own pace, take a breath of fresh air with family or friends, and enjoy the activity of your choice: a day on an island, thalassotherapy, casino, golf, nature activities, water sports or even hiking trails... In the Bay of Quiberon in Morbihan, there is so much to see and do, you certainly won’t get bored!