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Auray, Brech, Sainte-Anne d'Auray - Circuit VTT - La Vallée de Tréauray
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Auray, Brech, Sainte-Anne d'Auray - Mountain bike circuit - La Vallée de Tréauray

Centre Aquatique Alre’O
56400 Auray

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 02:00:00
Distance 32km
Centre Aquatique Alre’O
56400 Auray
Level of difficulty: Medium (average ascent: 450m)
Route n°8 red

Following on from route N°7 "Around Auray", this circuit takes you up the Tréauray valley, around Sainte-Anne d'Auray, Brec'h and the village of Saint-Dégan, before returning to the west bank of the Loc'h.

Departure point: This tour starts from the parking lot behind the Centre Aquatique Alre'O. A map of the circuit is available at the Centre Aquatique reception desk. On the way back, take advantage of the pool and its "balnéo" area for a moment of relaxation and recuperation. Head for the footpath and turn right towards Parc Utting. When you reach rue du Goaner, take the chemin rural du pont neuf on the right.

Step by step:
1) Carefully cross the Avenue de l'Océan and climb up to reach the park housing the Cadoudal Mausoleum. Take the downhill path to the Prieuré de Saint-Cado and its chapel (16th-17th centuries), then climb back up to the ruisseau du Reclus, which you'll have to walk alongside.

2) After passing through several housing estates to reach the bridge over the N165, plunge down towards the Auray river. Enjoy the walk along the quays to the famous little port of Saint-Goustan, with its half-timbered houses (16th-18th centuries) and the ramparts of the Château d'Auray, destroyed in 1558.

3) Leave the port and its recently restored 18th-century stone bridge, and turn right into the narrow streets of Auray. Cross the town of Auray, then take the cycle path to the banks of the Loc'h. A series of ascents and descents follows until you reach Champ des Martyrs.

4) After 2 km on the D120, join a path leading to the Sainte-Anne-d'Auray campsite. Follow the signs to the town center, the Basilique Sainte-Anne and the Sanctuaire.

5) Follow a straight line and the paths along the Plumergat commune to reach the Pont de Brec'h. This passage offers a fine view of the Loc'h reservoir, located upstream of the dam.

6) Head up towards the village of Brec'h, crossing it on several unspoilt footpaths before reaching the village of Saint-Dégan and its ecomuseum, featuring a fine 17th-century thatched cottage and a 19th-century longère.

7) Return to the west bank of the Loc'h, passing alongside the river before climbing back up to the water tower.

8) The return is shared with route N°7. Join it on a downhill path. Keep an eye out for the signs and turn left onto the Pont Romain path leading to the edge of the Kerberluet housing estate. The first climb takes you up to the La Chartreuse district. Head for the station, then the village of Toulchignanet, before descending and then climbing to Porte Océane and the Centre Aquatique Alre'O. You can continue your hike with a connecting route to rejoin circuit N°1.

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