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Crac'h, Locmariaquer, Saint-Philibert - Circuit cyclo - À la découverte de Crac'h, Locmariaquer, Saint-Philibert
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Crac'h, Locmariaquer, Saint-Philibert - Cycling tour - Discovering Crac'h, Locmariaquer, Saint-Philibert

7 Rue Jean-François Gouzer
56470 Saint-Philibert

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:00:00
Distance 18km
7 Rue Jean-François Gouzer
56470 Saint-Philibert
Level of difficulty: Easy
All year round

Between the Golfe du Morbihan and Baie de Quiberon, with its exceptional panoramas, protected heritage and megaliths, this circuit offers a multitude of views.

Start: Take Rue du Ponant in front of the Salle du Mousker and the cycle path to the right. Turn left towards the "Dolmen de Mané Canaplaye". After 50 m, turn right. Follow the path to the right.

Step by step:
1) At the black wrought-iron gate, turn left to Kerroch farm. Turn left, cross the D781 (danger) to Kerambel: see the Dolmen du Petit Kerambel 800 m to the left at the entrance to the wood behind a house. This is a Neolithic tomb. It consists of a corridor leading to a burial chamber and was once part of a partially preserved tumulus. The tomb was restored in 1927 by Zacharie Le Rouzic. Retrace your steps and turn left towards Plas-Kaër. Admire the Chapelle du Plas-Kaër. Inaugurated in 1874, it was built on the site of an earlier 15th-century chapel. Situated in the middle of a wood, it enjoys a superb setting. Follow "Auray 13 km".

2) In Crac'h, turn opposite rue des Ecoles. At Place de la République, follow rue Pasteur to Église Saint-Thuriau. Retrace your steps. Opposite Saint-Joseph school, turn left onto rue du Général Leclerc as far as the traffic circle. Cross the roundabout and follow signs for Locmariaquer as far as the cycle path (red fire hydrant).

3) Follow the path to the road, cross it and go straight ahead.

4) At the intersection (fishermen's houses, Locquidy), take the road to the right as far as the yield sign. Turn left and continue along the road. For pedestrians: at the tide mill, see the Coët Courzo pond on the right and the Auray river on the left. Follow the coastal path on the left (not suitable for bicycles).

5) The path ends at the end of the oyster path. At the beach, take the road to the right as far as the give-way. Turn left at the traffic lights (Scarpoche), then straight ahead towards Saint-Pierre - Kerinis.

6) Take the 1st road on the right towards Kerveres, follow the cycle path towards Crac'h. 7) At the end of the track, turn left towards Saint-Philibert. Follow the road markings to the traffic circle. Turn left towards the town center, returning to Place de la Mairie.

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