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Mountain Bike Tour - Etel in Quiberon - Le Grand Site by bike
Circuit VTT - Etel à Quiberon - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
Circuit VTT - Etel à Quiberon - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
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Mountain Bike Tour - Etel in Quiberon - Le Grand Site by bike

Duration: 2.5 hours Distance: 30 km Difficulty level: Easy Sandy areas in placesThis route allows to discover all the coastline of the Great Dune Site and all the riches of this territory. Departure : From Port Etel, follow the platform, bypass the water. Follow the bike path and take the direction of the Barre d'Étel. 1 At the entrance to the car park, take the path on the left that goes into the dune massif. It turns right and then along the beach of Kerminihy, passes along a first car park then continues to the parking lot of La Roche Sèche (sandy parts in places) 2 After the parking, take the shared road that winds through the dunes. Pass near the Green Hand which symbolizes the fight against the installation of a nuclear power plant in this area (1975). At the crossroads, turn right and continue to Kerhillio. In the middle of the car park, turn left towards Erdeven.Before the crossroads, take the path on the right then the boulevard on the right (bike path). 3 After the holiday village Keravel, leave the road to enter a stabilized dirt road that leads to Sainte-Barbe. The bike lane runs along a few houses and bypasses the village that can be visited (Chapel). 4 Continue on the greenway in the dune area to arrive at the car park of the Chouannerie Museum. From the car park, take the secure cycle lane that runs along the departmental road. Continue to Penthièvre. At the entrance of the hamlet, turn right on the path that leads to the beach, then at the end, turn left on the boulevard de l'Océan along the beach of Penthièvre. 5 Resume the newly established secure cycle path that crosses the Isthmus of Penthièvre. Along the railway "Tire-Bouchon", tourist train running in July / August. After Fort de Penthièvre, arrive at Kerhostin. At the traffic light, turn right, pass the level crossing, then turn left on the bike path along the railway line. 6 Continue the path to the level crossing, Portivy Road. Continue on the D186, pass Keridenvel then continue for more than one kilometer. Then take the first left dirt road that goes between the fields and passes near an equestrian center. At the crow's feet, turn left. Arrive at the semaphore (near the Parking des Îles). 7 Take the urban development of the town down to the main beach (some undeveloped areas). Take the Chanard boulevard on the left to go to the Conguel point. 8 For the return, turn around. Take Chanard Boulevard and then Port Maria Street. 9 In front of Château Turpault, turn right towards Côte Sauvage and follow signs for the greenway to join it 900 m. In Portivy, take the "go" route to reach Étel.
56410 Étel

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:30:00
Distance 30km

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