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Camors - Circuit de l'eau
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Camors - Water circuit

Parking de l'Etang du Petit Bois
56330 Camors

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 03:00:00
Distance 11km
Parking de l'Etang du Petit Bois
56330 Camors
Level of difficulty: Medium
Yellow markings - All year round - Mountain bike possible Water is everywhere in the Camors state forest (650 ha): ponds, rivers, fountains. It is home to a wide variety of fauna and for centuries has provided food for many woodworkers.

Departure point: From Le Petit Bois, a park dedicated to relaxation, leisure and sports, with a fishing pond, picnic areas, a sports trail and a tree-climbing park. Walk along the pond and turn left to cross the stream by the small bridge, then follow the sports course.

Step by step:

1) Turn right towards the Camors forest line and follow the footpath (red and white markings) to Langroëz. Leave the footpath on the left and continue along the path, then, after 300 m, turn right towards the "ligne du Grenan". At the stream, turn left along a narrow path, then right to reach the "ligne du Noë Marrec". At the end of this line, turn left along a narrow path, then right along the "ligne des Loges".

2) At the crossroads, turn left onto the D189 for 100 m, then right onto the old sunken road. Turn right to enter the forest. See the Fontaine des sabotiers.

3) Cross the forest road. Go down the path and turn right along the Motte stream. Near the Moulin de la Motte pond, you'll see the remains of several buildings making up the medieval château de Comorre, situated on a barred spur (a rocky promontory whose isthmus has been cut off by an entrenchment). Follow the stream for 1 km, then turn left to return to the Petit Bois ponds and the starting point.

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