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La Trinité-sur-Mer - Circuit les marais
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La Trinité-sur-Mer - Circuit les marais

Parking du Men-dû
56470 La Trinité-sur-Mer

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:00:00
Distance 7.8km
Parking du Men-dû
56470 La Trinité-sur-Mer
Level of difficulty: Easy
Green signposting - All year round - Mountain biking possible

Between La Trinité and Carnac, 2 parallel "valleys" have been used for a variety of purposes (salting, oyster farming...). They are all wetlands in need of protection or restoration.

Departure point: from the Men Du parking lot, admire the cove with its central islet linked to the mainland by a strip of sand accumulated by the currents (tombolo). To the left, the Pointe de Kerdual is home to an archaeological site threatened by rising sea levels (a group of submerged menhirs and a Neolithic tomb). Then, with your back to the sea, take the path to the Kerdual marshes until you reach the road to Carnac-Ville. This marsh is crossed by a central path. Evidence of salt marsh exploitation from the 17th century to 1962 is still visible (basins partly filled in by mud extracted from the port of La Trinité in 1968).

Step by step
1) Turn right towards La Trinité-sur-Mer as far as the Kervinio crossroads.

2) Turn left, crossing the Kercado-Kerdual ridge (beautiful restored farms). Head downhill towards the other "valley", occupied by the Plijadur campsite.

3) Turn right. Follow the path through the woods. After 550 m, turn right. An old quarry (1870-1960) where clay was extracted to make tiles for oyster farming is now the site of the campsite.

4) Drive through the village of Quéric. Turn right onto the road to Carnac. Turn left.

5) Cross the road and take the path along the Quéric-Kerdual marsh. Bordered to the south by the virtually untamed Poulbert, this marsh is home to seabirds and waders.

6) Take a pretty path to rue du Men Du, then cross the Poulbert to reach the parking lot.

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