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Landévant - Circuit du Listoir
Randonnée - Landévant - Circuit du Listoir - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
Randonnée - Landévant - Circuit du Listoir - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
Randonnée du listoir à Landévant
Randonnée - Landévant - Circuit du Listoir - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
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Landévant - Listoir circuit

56690 Landévant

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 01:30:00
Distance 6km
56690 Landévant
Level of difficulty: Easy

Yellow markings All year round (avoid rainy periods, wet areas) Pointe du Listoir is the birthplace of the Rivière d'Étel. Rich in marine organisms, this area is an ornithological site.

Departure point: From the forest path created by the ONF, go to the small parking lot (1st road on the right, 30 m after the restaurant). Then follow the path and turn left (straight ahead: back to the parking lot).

Step by step :

1) Continue along the path surrounded by maritime pines. Passage from forest to moorland to marshland. Ornithological site: silence and discretion are essential to respect this site.

2) At the fork in the path, turn right towards the ria d'Étel.

3) 1st footbridge: follow the path along the ria d'Étel. Viewpoint on opposite bank: bell tower of Legevin chapel (commune of Nostang). Caution: wet stretch.

4) Reach Pointe du Listoir. Rich in marine organisms (worms, shellfish, shrimp, etc.), the Pointe du Listoir ornithological site (sensitive zone) is home to the main concentrations of birds on the Rivière d'Étel. In addition to an abundance of food, they find the visibility necessary for their safety. Silence and discretion are essential to respect this area.

5) Passing near the Moulin de la Demi- Ville. The house and mill (privately owned) were built from the stones of the old Demi-Ville manor house. The mill has a 6 m diameter wheel. La Demi-Ville was one of the parish's seigneuries from the 13th century onwards. Of the more than 2,500 mills listed in Morbihan in the 19th century, only around 40 are still in operation. Mill density was high in this département, with up to twenty mills per commune. Opposite, on the other bank, view of the commune of Landaul.

6) Go up the track, cross the road and immediately take the left-hand path.

7) After 600 m, turn right. Follow the track back to the starting point.

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