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Locmariaquer - Entre Golfe et Océan
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Locmariaquer - Between the Gulf and the Ocean

Rue de la Victoire
56740 Locmariaquer

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:00:00
Distance 8km
Rue de la Victoire
56740 Locmariaquer
Level of difficulty: Easy
Yellow signposts, mauve markers - All year round

A trail to discover the different facets of Locmariaquer: the town and port, megalithic sites and remarkable natural areas.

Start: Opposite the tourist office, take ruelle des Ecoles, then turn right into ruelle du Bronzo. On your left, you'll come to the Mané Réthual dolmen. Built almost 6,000 years ago, in the Neolithic period, this 20-meter-long tomb consists of a corridor leading to a burial chamber. In the alleyway, you'll come across the Men Bronzo Menhir, broken in two. Built in the Neolithic period, it features two engravings on one side - a crosier and a bird - that are difficult to see with the naked eye today. Continue downhill towards the old cemetery. Turn left. Proceed to the Site des Mégalithes parking lot, Place L'Helgouac'h (information at Follow the stadium parking lot, then take the path alongside the Cresuidi housing estate. Turn left onto the track leading to Kerlud.

Step by step :

1) At the entrance to the hamlet, admire the Kerlud Dolmen, a tomb built on a plan similar to the Er Grah Tumulus. The monument extends over a large part of the field. Turn right onto the coastal path, then left at the Toul Keun cove. Follow the coastal path to the Allée couverte des Pierres Plates. This tomb consists of a long, 24-meter-long, angled corridor with a side cabinet in the corner. It leads to a burial chamber. The 12 pillars supporting the covering slabs are decorated with engravings. Classified as a Historic Monument in 1889, the monument has undergone several restorations. The stone in front of the tomb is actually a slab that was lying at the entrance. Continue along Plage de la Falaise and Plage du Rolay to Pointe de Kerpenhir (entrance to the Golfe du Morbihan). Views of Port Navalo and Quiberon Bay.

2) Follow the coastal path to the left and see the Men Letionnec group of menhirs (one standing and several lying). Lines of menhirs extend underwater and are visible at high tide. Opposite the Ker-Yvonnick center, turn right onto the road. Walk 500 m to the "Les Viviers de Locker" oyster-farming site: see the Tumulus de Mané er Hroëk, a Neolithic monument consisting of a vault enclosed in a colossal tumulus. Today, it is accessible via a staircase built in the early 20th century. The monument has been eroded by agricultural activity and housing construction. Menhirs are visible around the monument. Return to the construction site, pass it and turn, after 100 m, into the impasse du Tal Hir. Take the coastal path between two property walls. Continue as far as the Guilvin pier (caution: narrow path with steps).

3) Pass the slipway, skirting Hôtel Le Neptune. After 250 m on the footpath, take the small road on the left, then turn right into Rue Lafayette to reach the Eglise Notre-Dame de Kerdro, Place Dariorigum and the Port.

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