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Locoal Mendon - Circuit le chemin de Cadoudal - Pointe de la Forest

Locoal Mendon - Circuit le chemin de Cadoudal - Pointe de la Forest

La Forest
56550 Locoal-Mendon

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 00:45:00
Distance 3km
Municipality of departure Locoal-Mendon
La Forest
56550 Locoal-Mendon
Level of difficulty: Easy

Bring a baby carrier, as part of the circuit is not accessible to baby carriages.

This is a walk between land and sea, on the banks of the Ria d'Étel.

Departure point: From Locoal-Mendon, follow signs for Locoal, pass the village and turn left, following signs for "Pointe de la Forest, Chemin de Cadoudal". From the parking lot at the edge of the wood (Domaine La Forest), near the large "Chemin de Cadoudal" sign.

1) The walk begins on a fairly wide path which climbs to a small sunken lane bordered by low moss-covered stone walls. This is where you'll find the hideout of Cadoudal, General Chouan. On an embankment, large cut stones mark the entrance. Keep your eyes peeled! Inside, there's still a small space where you can imagine Chouans in hiding, preparing an ambush for the Republicans. Kids will love it!

2) A little further on, you'll discover a small clearing at the center of which sits a magnificent secular oak. You'll come across a number of remarkable trees, roots just above the ground and branches, before the horizon clears.

3) The sea appears through the trees, then the path becomes coastal and leads to a splendid panorama of the Ria d'Étel, changing with the tides. The oyster beds and small beaches invite you to take a contemplative break, before reaching the Pointe de Beg er Lanneg and returning to the starting point.

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