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Locoal Mendon - Circuit Ty Er Chir - Kernours
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Locoal Mendon - Circuit Ty Er Chir - Kernours

Ty Er Chir
56550 Locoal-Mendon

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 01:15:00
Distance 3.3km
Ty Er Chir
56550 Locoal-Mendon
Level of difficulty: Easy
Yellow markings

All year round This inter-municipal circuit links Locoal-Mendon to Belz. It takes in the chapels of Sainte-Marguerite and Kernours.

Departure: From the hamlet of Ty Er Chir, take the route du Cleff, then turn left onto the path in the forest.

Step by step :
1 - On the way, you can return to the Mané Bihan Dolmen, a bent tomb dating from the Neolithic period, whose circular tumulus is encircled by a peristaltic enclosure of upright stones. The monument was excavated in the second half of the 19th century and restored by Zacharie Le Rouzic in 1924. Not far away are the Mané Braz (or "Mané er Loh") dolmens, listed as Historic Monuments. The first consists of a chamber with a corridor. A pillar supporting the cover slab in the burial chamber bears engravings. An unchambered gallery is located next door, to the north. The tombs were also excavated and restored in 1924. They were enclosed in a tumulus (earth and stone architecture), the base of which is still visible today.

2 - Follow the path to the D16. Cross it (with care) to reach Kergleven.

3 - After the houses, take the path on the right. After 200 m, turn left along the Sainte-Marguerite fountain. Continue as far as Chapelle Sainte-Marguerite, built in the 17th century, probably in 1646 as indicated by the date on the west door.

4 -Cross the hamlet, then continue on the road. At the entrance to Kerien, take the path on the left.

5 - Cross the bridge over the Fontaine de Kerlivio stream (Locoal Mendon/Belz municipal boundary).

6 - Follow the path to Kernours. See the fountain and chapel. Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Clarté, built in the late 17th century, has a rectangular nave, an arcaded bell tower on the western gable end and round-arched openings. The building was restored in the 19th century (north cornice) and again in the late 20th century. The exposed structural timbers are adorned with sculptures by Dréan in Auray. Between 1979 and 1983, members of a local association, with the help of the town council, undertook extensive restoration work. The pardon takes place on the first Sunday in July. The fountain (18th century) is set in a paved basin accessed by four steps. A niche houses a recent statue of Notre-Dame de la Clarté, patron saint of the nearby chapel, whose devotion was said to heal the eyes. At the front, two short columns support the entablature covered by a four-sided curved dome with a cross at the top.

7 - Turn left on the footpath back to the stream. Continue as far as Kerihuel. Cross the hamlet to join the D16. Cross it (with care) to find Ty Er chir. Source: association des Sentiers de Locoal-Mendon.

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