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Plouharnel - Circuit des Abbayes
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Plouharnel - Abbeys circuit

56340 Plouharnel

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:00:00
Distance 7.8km
56340 Plouharnel
Pink signposting

The two Benedictine abbeys of Kergonan (1897 and 1898) are in the pure Gregorian tradition. Services (in sung Latin) are open to all. Painted ceramics, fruit, jam, honey and other organic seaweed products are available in the store. The old village is a remarkable 17th- and 18th-century ensemble.

Step by step

Departure point: From the cultural center (opposite the town hall), turn right into the old village. Turn left into rue Sainte-Anne. Cross the D 781 and turn right into the Began housing estate. A sign indicates the abbeys on the right.

1- At the end of the track, turn right, then left on the road. Go towards Saint-Michel Abbey (occupied by nuns). Follow the private track for 600 m towards Abbaye Sainte-Anne (occupied by monks). Cross the parking lot. Turn right at the bottom towards the D768. Cross the road.

2- Go towards the Plasker. At the grotto, turn right, leaving the Henlis on your right. Follow the track as far as the sign indicating left. Arriving at Brenantec, continue on the road to the left up to the mouth of a track.

3- Follow it to the right, arriving in the station area. Turn left into rue du Moulin Péro, then right.

4- Cross Boulevard de la Gare towards the Dolmens de Rondossec. Classified as a Historic Monument, the monument consists of 3 corridor tombs enclosed in a long cairn. Excavations in the mid-19th century unearthed gold jewelry and a bronze ring, now on display at the Carnac Museum of Prehistory. The monument was restored in 1920 by Zacharie Le Rouzic. Recent renovations have ensured its preservation. Head towards rue Hoche and follow the path to the left. At rue du Pont Neuf, turn right for 20 m, then left. The path leads to the Pratezo. Go down to the right and cross the route de Quiberon.

5- Take the coastal path on the left as far as Porh en Iliz. At the intersection before the wooden bridge, take the left-hand path towards the fountain (on the left). At the end of the path, turn right into rue du Dr Tessoulin and climb up to the 16th-century Chapelle Notre-Dame des Fleurs overlooking Quiberon Bay.

6- Return to the starting point via rue de la Baie on the left.

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