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Pluvigner - Circuit de Saint-Guénaël
Randonnée -Pluvigner - Circuit de Saint-Génaël
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Pluvigner - Saint-Guénaël circuit

Chapelle Saint-Guénaël
56330 Pluvigner

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:00:00
Distance 8.4km
Chapelle Saint-Guénaël
56330 Pluvigner
Level of difficulty: Easy
Yellow signposting - All year round This route takes you through the Pluvignoise countryside, from the chapel and fountain of Saint-Guénaël to the Ker-Ivo washhouse and the woods of the Château de Kéronic.

Start: Take the dirt track opposite the Chapelle Saint Guénaël. In 1888, a farmer from the métairie du Parc sold one of his farms in order to rebuild the ruined Chapelle Saint-Guénaël elsewhere. The original building stood near the "Le Pratello" housing estate. Saint-Guénaël was said to ward off cataclysms. The chapel has six bays. The stained-glass windows depict Saint Guénaël and Saint Guigner. Follow the stream into the woods, where you'll find the Saint-Guénaël fountain. Follow the signposts and cross the wooden footbridges to the road.

Step by step :

1 - At the end of the embankment, turn left onto the road. Drive through the village of Kercaër. At the exit, turn left onto the road and immediately right onto the dirt track.

2 - Follow the dirt track between the low walls and this superb sunken path: it leads you to the village of Guiben. Follow the narrow road to the RD768. Turn right (beware of traffic).

3- Cross the main road and turn left. Pass under the railroad bridge, turn right immediately onto the dirt track, cross the stream and you're in Camors. Go up the track and turn left towards Kerauffret.

4- Go through Kerauffret (respect the peace and quiet of the inhabitants) and, at the crossroads, take the road on the left. After about 100 m, turn right onto the footpath. At the small wooden bridge, you're in Pluvigner. Continue along the path.

5- Walk up the superb beech alley, past Mané Gouive. Follow the path along the road. Before the intersection, take the embankment to the right, walk along the field and then back onto the road.

6- At the crossroads, turn left towards Kerthomas. Follow this path through the woods around Château de Kéronic. Go up through the pine forest to the road.

7- At the end of the wood, immediately turn left onto the wide track leading down to the village of Malabry.

8- In the village, turn left and go down the dirt track. Continue as far as the Ker-Ivo wash-house. Follow the narrow road to the right, then turn right under the railroad bridge into rue Penn Prat.

9- Turn left into rue Mané Miguel, then left again at the stop sign, on the RD768, cross the road and turn right into the residence. Finally, turn left and, after 300 m, find the Chapelle Saint Guénaël.

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