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Quiberon - De la côte sauvage au port de pêche
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Quiberon - From wild coast to fishing port

Route Côtière
56170 Quiberon

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 03:00:00
Distance 11km
Municipality of departure Quiberon
Route Côtière
56170 Quiberon
Yellow markings

The fishermen's trail leads from Port Maria (France's 1st sardine port from 1930 to 1947) to the old fishing village of Manémeur. The wild coastline features impressive cliffs.

Step by step:

Departure: Take the voie verte which passes the parking lot on the left. To be on the safe side, cross the road at the bend.

1- Continue along the Côte Sauvage path, whose cliffs, sometimes over 20 m high, face the onslaught of westerly winds and the sea. Continue as far as Château Turpault, an Anglo-Medieval manor house built by a Cholet spinning mill owner in 1910, which marks the entrance to Quiberon (private property). On the way, discover the Allée couverte de la Pointe de la Guérite, a buried tomb dating from the Neolithic period, whose roof slabs are just above ground. It is located near a menhir.

2- Enter Quiberon along the quays to the fishing port. Pass the Port Maria ferry terminal (1870), France's 1st sardine port in the early 20th century. The fish auction is one of the oldest in Brittany. On the quays,
see the work of art inspired by a poem by Pablo Néruda featuring a fish. On Quai de l'Océan, see a concrete parapet, a vestige of the Atlantic Wall. Quiberon was part of the "Lorient pocket", liberated from German occupation at the end of the Second World War. Continue along the Promenade de la Plage.

3- Go up Place Hoche and take Rue du Phare. Cross rue du Port de Pêche. Continue straight ahead on rue du Noroît et des Alizés to rue des Hortensias, turn left and follow it up to rue du Manémeur. Turn left, then immediately right into rue du Couchant, then left again.

4- At Place du Manémeur, take the path between two houses and continue for 300 m.

5- Take the path on the right. At Rue des Quatre vents, turn left. At the roundabout, go straight ahead. Follow a track towards Kernavest. Cross Rue de Kernavest, continue for 150 m. Turn right to Jardin du Ragot. Go around it to the right and enter via a small path leading down to the left. Leave by the other entrance. Take the path already taken towards Kernevest and, at the fork in the road, fork right.

6- At the next crossroads, turn slightly left. Reach the Locmaria tower, a vestige of the old semaphore. From the top of the tower, you can enjoy a 360° view of the peninsula, Houat, Belle-Île, Groix, Lorient and Quiberon Bay. Continue along the tower path and take the next right. At the crossroads, turn left at the next junction towards Kerniscob, then immediately right, and finally left through the village.

7- Take the allée de Tiviho on the right for 50 m, then turn left towards the hill. At the crossroads, go straight ahead, then right at the next junction. Turn left onto the "voie verte" which takes you back to the starting point.

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