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Saint-Pierre Quiberon - Kerhostin, Portivy, Côte sauvage
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Saint-Pierre Quiberon - Kerhostin, Portivy, Côte sauvage

Office de tourisme
56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 03:30:00
Distance 10km
Municipality of departure Saint-Pierre-Quiberon
Office de tourisme
56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon
Yellow markings

This walk presents the two coastal faces of the Quiberon peninsula: the wild coastline with its dunes on the west side, and the bay, open to the ocean, on the east side. It takes in some beautiful villages, such as Kerhostin and the fishing port of Portivy, as well as some remarkable Neolithic sites.

Step by step :

Start: Opposite the Tourist Office, take chemin Park Praner to the D768, cross it. Continue along the chemin de la Fontaine, towards Roch, to the Dolmen de Roch en Aud, a megalithic tomb dating from the Neolithic period (5,000 to 2,500 BC), located on the village square.

1- Take the Rouzenn track, behind the square, towards Kerhostin. Cross the D768, take rue de la Baie, then right, rue de la Roche Noire. Continue north along the sentier des Douaniers to Bois Maufra (a Breton painter born in 1861, died in 1918, attended the Ecole de Pont-Aven and met Paul Gauguin). Panoramic view of the whole bay (Port Haliguen, Teignouse lighthouse, Houat, Rhuys peninsula, Carnac, Penthièvre).

2- Go around the small fort, arriving opposite Fort de Penthièvre (1748-1850, with a visit to the memorial and crypt in memory of the 59 patriots killed in WWII). Cross the road and the level-crossing at the Fort (caution: trains passing in summer and bicycles on the cycle path). Reach the seafront. Beautiful views over Lorient, the island of Groix and offshore Téviec Island (or Guernic Islet) (not on map), famous for its Mesolithic necropolis discovered by Marthe and Saint Just Péquart in the early 20th century (discovery of a complex of habitats and ten burials containing a total of 23 adults and children dating from the 6th millennium BC). Continue south along the coast.

3- Continue towards Portivy along the Téviec promenade. Pass by Thinic Island (Bronze Age necropolis - 2200 to 800 BC). Follow the coastal path to Fozo beach and Beg en Aud. Admire the Beg en Aud Tumulus (Neolithic tomb). Pass the Pointe du Percho. Discover the ruins of a former artillery observatory.

4- Near the Dolmens de Port Blanc, two Neolithic corridor tombs containing some 50 skeletons. Join the Port Blanc arch and continue towards Port Rhu.

5- At the parking lot, turn left into rue de Port Rhu. Continue along rue de Kergroix. At the end, cross the main road to reach the station. Cross the level crossing and turn right into rue Clémenceau. At the end, cross the road and take rue Curie at the corner of the Centre Culturel to find the Tourist Office.

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